How to Take a Solutions Journalism Approach to Reporting

The ongoing pandemic has cast a gloomy shadow over education news. Even the most celebratory, feel-good stories have been clouded with loss. News stories have tended to focus on education system failures, such as missing students, growing equity gaps and budget cuts. 

One way to freshen your coverage and transform a deficit mindset: a solutions journalism approach. In this webinar, journalists learn how to move their education stories forward to potential solutions without sacrificing hard-nosed skepticism. Matthew Kauffman, of the Solutions Journalism Network, walks reporters through finding “positive deviants” in data and explains how to illustrate solutions rather than reporting only on problems.  


  • Matthew Kauffman, positive deviance data project manager, Solutions Journalism Network
  • Stacia Cedillo, program manager, Education Writers Association (moderator)

This webinar was presented on July 8, 2021.

How to Take a Solutions Journalism Approach to Reporting