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EWA Seeks Proposals to Develop Curriculum Materials

The Education Writers Association is seeking proposals to develop curriculum materials for a series of online learning modules for education journalists. 

The project aims to provide journalists with an overview of the education research field and help reporters locate, interpret, and incorporate research findings into their coverage. 


73rd EWA National Seminar

EWA’s National Seminar is the largest annual gathering of journalists on the education beat. 

This multi-day conference is designed to give participants the skills, understanding, and inspiration to improve their coverage of education at all levels. It also will deliver a lengthy list of story ideas. We will offer numerous sessions on important education issues, as well as on journalism skills.


Teens, Screen Time and Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Teens, Screen Time and Social Distancing During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Building strong and positive relationships with peers is a key ingredient to healthy adolescent brain development. With social distancing guidelines in place in response to the new coronavirus, how will teens maintain their relationships and why does it matter?

In what ways might teens’ savvy with technology help them cope? What impact will the stresses of a scary disease and economic turmoil have on youths’ mental health? Will sheltering-in-place have a disproportionate social-emotional impact on teens as compared with adults and young children?