Wayne Bishop
Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus


  • Academic performance
  • Academic standards
  • Classroom technology
  • College preparation
  • College readiness
  • Common Core
  • Common Core assessments
  • Early college
  • Education technology
  • Engagement
  • Grade inflation
  • Grade retention
  • Grading
  • High schools
  • Math 
  • PISA
  • Textbooks

Wayne Bishop was originally educated as a secondary math teacher and taught high school for three years prior to using National Science Foundation Sputnik opportunities for grad school and a doctorate in mathematics. Although his degree is in abstract algebra, Bishop has maintained a lifelong interest in appropriate preservice education of precollegiate mathematics teachers and, more generally, precollegiate mathematics education. He has had several related state-level activities for California: 1988-1990 Math advisory panel to the California Credentialing Commission; 1995 Superintendent’s Math Task Force; 1999, 2001 and 2005 Content Review Panel advising the State Board of Education regarding K-8 math curricula for state approval.