Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu
Chair of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology

P-12 & Higher Ed

  • Athletics
  • Research and methodology
  • Health and wellness
  • Peer relationships
  • Data and statistics
  • Race and diversity
  • Asian students
  • International students
  • Personalized learning

Dr. Alan Chu is an assistant professor and the chair of sport, exercise, and performance psychology at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay. Chu received his doctorate degree in educational psychology with an emphasis in sport pedagogy. His research focuses on the psychosocial aspects of sport, exercise, and education. His most recent works include youth athletes’ motivation and dropout, athletes’ psychological skill profiles across sports and race/ethnicity, motivational strategies in teaching and learning, the effect of novelty on motivation, and gratitude and resilience amid the pandemic. In addition to conducting research and teaching sport psychology and research methods courses, Chu is a certified mental performance consultant who works with athletes and coaches, from high school to professional levels across sports, on mental skills training including goal setting and visualization.