Tom Snyder
Director of Annual Reports and Information Staff


  • Data and statistics
  • Safety and violence

Tom Snyder is director of the annual reports and information staff at the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). Snyder has worked at NCES for than 30 years on a wide range of analytic publications and papers and statistical products. He has produced over 100 reports and papers on topics ranging from child care to postsecondary education. Snyder’s team produces a variety of NCES reports, including congressionally mandated indicator reports, tabular reports, statistical briefs, and short format reports. His team is responsible for major NCES annual reports, including the Condition of Education, Digest of Education Statistics, Indicators of School Crime and Safety, and Projections of Education Statistics. Snyder manages many of the NCES outreach activities, particularly those dealing with the news media. Snyder represents NCES on federal and international indicator projects as a recognized expert on education statistics. Snyder has specialized expertise in the area of historical statistics, with degrees in history from George Mason University.