Timothy Waters
President Emeritus


  • Leadership and governance

Timothy Waters served as president and CEO of McREL from 1995 to 2014. Now retired, Waters continues to support changing the odds of success for students, teachers, and leaders with work on select projects and initiatives. Waters joined McREL in 1993, following 23 years in K-12 education as a teacher, assistant principal, high school principal, assistant superintendent, and superintendent. As a superintendent, he led a seven-year standards-based initiative that produced dramatic gains in achievement for all children and narrowed gaps between high and low achievers. Waters has been recognized as an innovator and reformer in each of his professional roles, and he led McREL’s growth to become one of the leading education research, development, and service organizations worldwide. Waters is the author of numerous articles on education leadership and co-author of the groundbreaking books “School Leadership That Works: From Research to Results” and “District Leadership That Works: Striking the Right Balance.”