Tim Boals
Executive Director

P-12, Higher Ed

  • Assessment
  • Educational standards
  • English language learners
  • ESEA
  • Hispanic students
  • Language acquisition
  • Race and diversity

Tim Boals is the executive director of WIDA. He holds a doctorate in curriculum from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an emphasis in the education of English-language learners. His background includes language education, educational policy for ELLs, and Spanish language and literature. As executive director, Boals oversees operations, long range planning, research and consortium outreach efforts. He and his colleagues recently finished a teacher handbook for formative language assessment, an edited volume on adolescent literacy development for ELLs, a chapter on how Latinos’ school success is influenced by cultural perceptions, and an article on how teachers can facilitate productive language interactions within small groups. Boals frequently presents at conferences in the U.S. and internationally on the challenges facing linguistically and culturally diverse learners. WIDA projects he is excited about include the UCLA/WIDA collaborative to develop language learning progressions for formative classroom assessment, WIDA’s Spanish Academic Language Standards, and the data-driven school improvement materials and coaching processes within the LADDER data literacy project.