Susan Moore Johnson
Jerome T. Murphy Research Professor in Education


  • Leadership and governance
  • Teacher compensation
  • Teacher recruitment and retention
  • Workplace issues

Susan Moore Johnson studies and teaches about teacher policy, organizational change and administrative practice. A former high-school teacher and administrator, she has a continuing research interest in the work of teachers and the reform of schools. She has studied the leadership of superintendents, the effects of collective bargaining on schools, the use of incentive pay plans for teachers, and the school as a context for adult work. Currently, Johnson and a group of advanced doctoral students are engaged in a multiyear research study, The Project on the Next Generation of Teachers, that examines how best to recruit, support, and retain a strong teaching force in the next decade. The project, which is funded by several foundations, includes studies of hiring practices, alternative certification programs, new teachers’ attitudes toward careers, and new teachers’ experiences with colleagues. Johnson served as academic dean of the Harvard University School of Education from 1993 to 1999. She has taught in the school’s summer institute programs for administrators and teachers since 1989.