Steven Barnett


  • Early childhood and preschool
  • Early education finance
  • School funding

W. Steven Barnett is a Board of Governors professor and director of the National Institute for Early Education Research at Rutgers University. He is a fellow of the American Educational Research Association and a member of the National Academy of Education. Barnett advises national governments, international agencies, and foundations of early care and education policy, research and evaluation. He is co-editor of the International Journal of Child Care and Education Policy and a member of the Editorial Board of Early Childhood Research Quarterly. His research applies economic analysis to issues of early care and education policy and practice and includes studies of the effectiveness and economics of early care and education, including the well-known benefit-cost analyses of the Perry Preschool and Abecedarian programs. He has also studied the impacts of program duration and intensity, dual language models, curriculum, alternative staffing structures, professional development, and parental engagement. Recent publications include “The Pre-K Debates: Current Controversies and Issues” from Brookes Publishing. Barnett earned his doctorate in economics at the University of Michigan.