Sarah Silverman
Senior Vice President


  • Accountability
  • Assessment
  • Education Reform
  • Education Technology
  • Innovative Professional Development
  • Measures of Effective Teaching
  • Professional Development
  • School Choice
  • Teacher Effectiveness
  • Teacher Quality

Sarah Silverman is Senior Vice President at Whiteboard Advisors. She has advised state leaders for over a decade on issues ranging from early childhood through postsecondary education. She has le development of state policies that transform teacher and leader human capital systems; developed a national birth-through-workforce data dashboard; and facilitated coalitions to advance bipartisan policy solutions. Prior to joining Whiteboard Advisors, Sarah led the National Governors Association Education Division’s work on early care and K-12 education systems. Previously, she advised states and districts on performance management and teacher evaluation policy reform at TNTP. She has also contributed to development of the Ohio Improvement Process for school turnaround, a pioneering initiative that unified disparate state services to maximize the influence of state investments. She holds a master’s degree in educational psychology and a doctorate in educational policy and leadership from The Ohio State University. Her research and writing have focused on the impact of state and national policy on social justice activism, teacher beliefs, talent management, and ethics of education.