Sandra Wilde
Professor of Childhood Education


  • Common Core
  • Reading and literacy

Sandra Wilde joined Hunter College, CUNY from Portland State University in Oregon, where she served as a professor in the department of curriculum and instruction. Over the years she also taught on an Ojibwe reservation in Manitoba, Canada, and at other universities. Wilde has written and edited 10 books on a variety of topics, as well as a number of articles. She is best known for her work in invented spelling and spelling curriculum, including her most recent book, “Spelling Strategies and Patterns: What Kids Need to Know,” based in part on lessons she carried out with children in New York City schools. Her previous books include “What’s a Schwa Sound Anyway? A Holistic Guide to Phonetics, Phonics, and Spelling,” as well as “Miscue Analysis Made Easy: Building on Student Strengths.” Wilde has a doctorate from the University of Arizona.