Sandra Hofferth
Professor of Family Science


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Sandra Hofferth, professor in the Department of Family Science at the University of Maryland, is a former director of the Maryland Population Research Center and a former co-director of the Michigan Panel Study of Income Dynamics. She was vice president of the Population Association of America in 2010. She has published on the effects of racial/ethnic disparities at the individual and neighborhood levels on father and mother involvement and child outcomes and published a series of papers on social capital. Hofferth has researched family issues in the context of public policy for over 30 years, publishing three books and more than 100 articles and book chapters. She recently completed a project funded by National Institute of Child Health and Human Development that examined the timing of and consequences of parenthood for men and women. Besides her deep knowledge of large national databases, she has expertise in measurement, methods and structural equation modeling. Her most recent book is the “Handbook of Measurement Issues in Family Research.” She is principal investigator on an NICHD-funded grant, the American Time Use Survey Data Extract System.