Ruth Ross


  • Child development
  • Peer relationships

Ruth Herron Ross has been providing social and behavior support to children and families since 1998. Author of The Wanna Play Program, Ross holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood elementary education from Beaver College and a master’s in special education and specialty reading from St. Joseph’s University. Ross has dedicated her life to the education of children with special needs and the autism community. Ross has worked with children from ages two to 17 and is trained in a variety of one-on-one early intervention and therapeutic programs such as applied behavior analysis, Floortime, Son-Rise, and Interactive Metronome. Her 15 years of education experiences, combined with her early intervention training, gave Ross a foundation of knowledge in autism, language development and socialization skills to create The Wanna Play Program. Over the years she has provided numerous trainings to parents and professionals and is a founding member and lead trainer of the Valley Forge Education Services’ community outreach program Caring Kinships: ASD—Matching Families with Sitters. Ross has been facilitating social skill groups and individual sessions for children in New Jersey since 2008.