Ross Danis
Founding President and CEO


  • School reform
  • Teacher quality

Ross Danis, founding president and CEO of Newark Trust for Education, has over 35 years of experience in education. Danis collaborated on the design of a groundbreaking non-graded high school in the 1970s. As a staff developer at the Academy for the Advancement of Teaching and Management in the 1980s, he provided professional development for teachers and school administrators across New Jersey. While serving as a school principal in the 1990s, he launched the first multi-age primary program as an option to single-graded programs inside of a public school. He also created a county-wide professional development consortium, published an Action Research journal, was president of the Principals’ Center for the Garden State, taught leadership seminars for school administrators, and dismantled archaic and ineffective ability grouping practices in a large suburban school district. In 1997, Danis was the subject of a PBS documentary on leadership, “Quicksand and Banana Peels: A Year in the Life of Two Principals.” Danis has served as an appointee to the education task forces, commissions, or education policy transition teams of four New Jersey governors and six commissioners of education.