Robert Meyer
Research Professor and Director


  • Accountability
  • Data and statistics
  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Value-added

Robert H. Meyer is research professor and director of the Value-Added Research Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Before that, he was on the faculty of the University of Chicago’s Harris School and the economics department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Meyer is known for his research on value-added modeling, evaluation methods and strategic management of human capita. He has been working intensively with school districts and states across the country since the early 1990s to build value-added and performance management systems to inform decision-making with respect to policy and school improvement strategies. He has conducted major statistical evaluations of programs and policies such as class-size reduction, literacy and supplemental educational services. Meyer received a Senior Urban Education Research Fellowship from the Council of Great City Schools in 2007 and received the University of Wisconsin-Madison Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research in 2010.