Rob Rickenbrode
Senior Managing Director, Teacher Preparation Strategies


  • Math
  • Measures of effective teaching
  • Teacher assessment
  • Teacher quality
  • Professional development
  • Teacher development
  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Teacher certification programs

Robert Rickenbrode has worked at NCTQ for four years as the head of the Teacher Preparation Team. He served as the Chief Academic Officer and mathematics/computer science teacher for the Cesar Chavez Charter Schools in DC for nine years prior to joining NCTQ. Before that, he worked in the San Juan School District in Utah and for seven years was a member of the ‘Ndahoo’aah Summer Program at Monument Valley High School. He is on the board of the Bryant Woods Montessori School in Maryland. He holds a MA in applied economics from Johns Hopkins University and a BS in economics from the California Institute of Technology.