Rebecca Sibilia
Founder and CEO


  • Budget cuts
  • Facilities
  • Federal funding
  • School finance and spending
  • School funding

Rebecca Sibilia, an expert in education finance, is the founder and CEO of EdBuild, a nonprofit inspired by her belief that fixing school funding is the key to strengthening America’s education system and rebuilding communities. In particular, Sibilia is a proponent of education funding policies that prioritize underserved students and reimagine governance structures, giving kids the access and resources necessary to succeed, and schools and communities the flexibility needed to thrive. Before starting EdBuild, Sibilia was chief operating officer and vice president for fiscal strategy at StudentsFirst, working with states to revise their funding policies. Prior to that, she served as chief financial officer for Washington, D.C.’s state superintendent of education. Additionally, Sibilia has developed Congressionally-funded education initiatives and venture philanthropy programs to help low-income students access higher quality education options. Sibilia holds a bachelor’s degree in political science from Clemson University and an honorary fellowship in American government from the University of South Carolina.