Priscilla Wohlstetter
Distinguished Research Professor


  • Charter schools
  • Common Core
  • Education law
  • Politics

Priscilla Wohlstetter is distinguished research professor at Teachers College, Columbia University. Prior to joining Teachers College in 2012, she held the Diane and MacDonald Becket Professorship in Education Policy at the University of Southern California, where she founded the Center on Educational Governance. She specializes in research on education reform, policy implementation and intergovernmental relations. She has led numerous studies around school decentralization, public-private partnerships and charter schools. Her recent research examines the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in New York City. She also is leading a national study of public schools that, by design, integrate the socioeconomic status of their students. Wohlstetter serves on the Broad Foundation’s Charter School Prize Review Panel. Her most recent book, “Choices and Challenges: Charter School Performance in Perspective,” with J. Smith & C. C. Farrell, was published in 2013 by Harvard Education Press.