Piet van Lier
Director of School Quality, Policy and Communications


  • Charter schools
  • School choice
  • School reform
  • State policy
  • Urban education

Piet van Lier serves as director of school quality, policy and communications at the Cleveland Transformation Alliance, a voice for accountability and advocacy working to ensure that all Cleveland children attend a quality school. Education policy research van Lier conducted while on staff at the progressive think tank Policy Matters Ohio, before he joined the staff at the Transformation Alliance, helped change the debate around Ohio charter school policy and underscored the need to strengthen regulation. Previously, van Lier worked as associate editor and deputy editor at Catalyst Cleveland, a magazine focused on urban school improvement. As part of a group of Cleveland parents, van Lier helped start a locally managed charter school. He also served on a task force that supported the creation of Campus International School, a Cleveland district International Baccalaureate school, which his daughter now attends. He lives in Cleveland with his wife and two children.