Peter Goff
Assistant Professor

P-12, Higher Ed

  • Data and statistics
  • Principals
  • Research and methodology
  • Rural education
  • State policy
  • Teacher certification programs
  • Teacher compensation
  • Teacher effectiveness
  • Teacher recruitment and retention
  • Tenure

Peter Goff is an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the department of educational leadership and policy analysis, where he teaches classes on quantitative analysis, research methods, and K-12 finance policy. Goff’s research examines the policies and practices surrounding the strategic management of human capital (SMHC). Using a combination of experimental, quasi-experimental, and graphical-descriptive methods, his work explores SMHC policies at the school, district and state levels, with a particular focus on the two-sided selection process that arises during hiring. His current research projects examine teacher-student assignment practices, the impact of within-school teacher mobility on instructional growth, and bias in the education labor market.