Paul Koelher
Policy Center Director


  • Federal policy
  • Politics
  • State policy

Paul H. Koehler is director of the Policy Center at WestEd, where he provides analyses, research and assistance to policymakers, policy-focused organizations, and the media on current education issues. He also serves as the director of the West Comprehensive Center and is responsible for the center’s direction and oversight, personnel and operations. He provides consultation and advisement to SEA leadership on federal and state policy and key reform initiatives. Additionally, the center is leading the Arizona Mayors Education Roundtable, a collaborative multi-city/town effort to provide integrated and comprehensive support for urban youth. Previously, Koehler served as education advisor to Arizona Gov. Janet Napolitano from 2003 to 2009 and a consultant to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer during the state’s work on the Race to the Top competition. He is also a former district superintendent. Koehler is responsible for numerous WestEd publications on topics such as improving the graduation rate, effects of full-day kindergarten, reforming teacher pay, and school leadership.