P. “Sam” Deloria

Higher Ed

  • Native American students

Since 2007, P. “Sam” Deloria has been the director of the American Indian Graduate Center, a national scholarship program that administers a number of scholarships, including the Gates Millennium Scholarship and scholarships from the Bureau of Indian Education. Previously, he served as director of the American Indian Law Center Inc. for 35 years. Under Deloria’s direction, the American Indian Law Center performed groundbreaking work in the analysis of federal Indian policy, including helping to define the role of tribes in the federal system. The Law Center has also taken the lead in strengthening tribal government institutions. He remains active as one of the premier analysts of Indian policy in the nation. Deloria was the founder and first secretary-general of the World Council of Indigenous People and, in 1976, was one of the founders of the Commission on State-Tribal Relations. He is also a member of the National Institutional Review Board for the protection of human subjects of research, established by the Indian Health Service. He attended both undergraduate and law school at Yale University.