Murray Sperber
Visiting Professor, Cultural Studies of Sport in Education Program

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Murray Sperber is a visiting professor in the Cultural Studies of Sport in Education program (CSSE) in the Graduate School of Education, University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he taught for many years at Indiana University Bloomington, and is now a professor emeritus of English and American studies of the school. Sperber has authored or edited seven books, including “Beer & Circus: How Big-Time College Sports is Crippling Undergraduate Education,” which Sports Illustrated placed on its list of “100 Best Sports Books of All-time.” His book, “Shake Down the Thunder: The Creation of Notre Dame Football,” was named by Sports Illustrated as the second best sports history book. He has a bachelor’s degree in writing and psychology from Purdue University as well as a master’s and doctorate in English literature from the University of California, Berkeley.