Milagros Nores
Associate Director of Research


  • Early childhood and preschool

Milagros Nores is associate director of research at the National Institute for Early Education Research. She analyzes quantitative data from both NIEER research studies and additional large-scale data sets. Her expertise is in early childhood attainment, the economics of education, poverty, and international and comparative education. Nores currently runs an early childhood study in Colombia and another study on parental-child educational practices for minority children in the U.S. She has a doctorate in education and economics from Columbia University and a master’s degree in educational administration and social policy from Harvard University. Nores previously worked as a postdoctoral research associate at the Taubman Center in Public Policy at Brown University, where she taught education policy in a comparative perspective, and economics of public policy. Nores also consults for various organizations in education projects in Latin America and Asia.