Mikaila Arthur
Professor of Sociology

Higher Ed

  • Access
  • Curriculum
  • Data and statistics
  • Research and methodology
  • Low-income students
  • Urban education
  • Faculty
  • Public universities
  • State policy

Mikaila Arthur is professor of sociology at Rhode Island College, where she primarily teaches courses on research methods and data analysis. The author of three books (including “Student Activism and Curricular Change in Higher Education”) and numerous articles, policy reports, and other publications, her research expertise is on the sociology of higher education. Specific areas of expertise include public regional comprehensive institutions, organizational and curricular change, student activism, and the long-term outcomes of college graduates. She also has experience with both faculty and graduate student unions, political advocacy for higher education, and institutional research and planning issues, as well as in the sociology of teaching and learning and pedagogical development. At Rhode Island College, she has mentored undergraduate researchers studying the experience of minoritized and disadvantaged students, including student parents and first-generation students. She earned her doctorate degree at New York University and her undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College.