Megan Hopkins
Assistant Professor of Education


  • English language learners
  • Teacher certification programs

Megan Hopkins’ research examines the relationships between educational policy, teacher education, and school and classroom practice in the context of policy and/or demographic change. Her teaching focuses on preparing teachers to work with English-language learners and immigrant students, bilingual education policy, and mixed methods research designs. In 2014, Hopkins was named Reviewer of the Year for the American Educational Research Journal. In 2011, Hopkins received the Dissertation of the Year Award from the Bilingual Education Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association. Hopkins’ research has appeared in numerous journals, and her most recent book, written with Patricia Gándara, is the edited volume, “Forbidden Language: English Learners and Restrictive Language Policies.” Hopkins is senior associate editor of the American Journal of Education and a faculty advisor for the Pennsylvania Educational Equity project, the Curriculum and Instruction Graduate Student Association, and the American Journal of Education Student Board. She was formerly a bilingual teacher in Arizona.