Martina Rau
Assistant Professor


  • Blended learning
  • Classroom technology
  • Education technology
  • Math
  • Online learning
  • Personalized learning
  • Science

Martina Rau is an assistant professor of educational psychology and computer sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She directs the Learning, Representations & Technology Lab. She is co-investigator on LUCID, a cross-disciplinary graduate training program for data-enabled research in human and machine learning and teaching funded by the National Science Foundation. Rau’s recent research focuses on learning with interactive visualizations in educational technology. Her work investigates how to design effective educational technologies that help students make sense of visual information. She takes a user-centered approach in the development of educational technologies that takes the needs of students, teachers, superintendents and other stakeholders into account. One of her current projects seeks to optimally integrate technology-based activities with traditional drawing activities and group work. Rau received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology from the University of Freiburg in Germany and her doctorate in human-computer interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.