Martin Blank


  • Achievement gap
  • African American students
  • Attendance and absenteeism
  • Community involvement
  • Data and statistics
  • Demographics
  • Engagement
  • ESEA
  • Expanded learning time, after-school & summer learning
  • Graduation rate
  • Health and wellness
  • Hispanic students
  • Innovative professional development
  • Juvenile justice
  • Leadership
  • Low-income students
  • Mental health
  • Minority students
  • Parent involvement
  • Poverty
  • Principals
  • Professional development
  • Race and diversity
  • Rural education
  • Safety and violence
  • Social networks
  • State of education
  • Student-centered education
  • Urban education

Marty Blank is the president of the Institute for Educational Leadership and the director of the Coalition for Community Schools. He has unique expertise in building bridges between schools, families and community institutions with assets that can support student success. The Coalition for Community Schools is a network of organizations and institutions at the local, state and national levels working to unite school and communities. He is well-versed in expanded learning, health and wellness, family engagement, academic supports, linkages between schools and early childhood and college access; and knows how to organize strategic relationships between schools and community partners.