Mark Windschitl
Professor of Science Teaching and Learning


  • Engagement
  • Innovative professional development
  • Professional development
  • Science
  • STEM education
  • Teacher certification programs
  • Teacher development
  • Teacher support

Mark Windschitl is a professor of science teaching and learning at the University of Washington. His research interests deal with the early career development of science teachers — in particular their trajectories toward ambitious and equitable pedagogy. His recent work also has explored the development of Networked Improvement Communities as a social infrastructure for teachers to collectively solve difficult problems related to ambitious teaching. Windschitl administrates the Annenberg Fellowship program, known as the Rhodes Scholarships of Teaching, for teacher candidates at the University of Washington. He received the American Educational Research Association’s 2002 Presidential Award for Best Review of Research, is co-author of the chapter on science teaching in the most recent “AERA Handbook of Research on Teaching,” and is a member of the National Research Council’s Committee on Strengthening and Sustaining Teachers.