Mark Warschauer
Professor, Associate Dean


  • Technology and learning

Mark Warschauer is a professor of education and informatics at the University of California, Irvine, and associate dean of UC Irvine’s School of Education. He has previously taught and conducted research at the University of Hawaii, Moscow Linguistics University, Charles University in Prague, and Waseda University in Japan, and served as educational technology director of a large educational reform project in Egypt. Warschauer is director of the Digital Learning Lab at UC Irvine, where, together with colleagues and students, he works on a range of research projects related to digital media in education. Warschauer is author and editor of a wide range of books, including, most recently, “Learning in the Cloud: How (and Why) to Transform Schools with Digital Media” and “Japan: The Paradox of Harmony.” He is founding editor of Language Learning & Technology journal and has been appointed inaugural editor of AERA Open. He is active on Twitter @markwarschaer, where he posts on a wide range of professional and personal issues, and occasionally blogs at Papyrus News.