Mark Dewalt
Professor of Educational Research


  • History of education

Mark Dewalt is a professor of educational research and chair in the College of Education at Winthrop University. Dewalt earned an undergraduate degree in social sciences with an emphasis in psychology and sociology from Muhlenberg College, a master’s in elementary education from University of South Carolina, and a doctorate in educational research from the University of Virginia. After completing his undergraduate degree, he was a teacher and coach in the public schools of Virginia and South Carolina. His research interests include one-room schools, Amish education, teaching and learning in China, and issues of poverty. Dewalt has taught courses in a variety of subjects, including Amish culture, assessment, educational psychology and educational research. He has conducted numerous presentations for public schools and colleges throughout the U.S. Dewalt has published numerous books, including “Amish Education in the United States and Canada,” “The Life and Times of Thomas Jefferson,” and “A Tour of Mr. Jefferson’s University with Edgar the Squirrel.”