Maribeth Vander Weele


  • Accountability
  • Charter schools
  • Data and statistics
  • District management
  • ESEA
  • Legal issues
  • Research and methodology
  • School choice
  • School vouchers

Maribeth Vander Weele is president of the Vander Weele Group, a professional services firm that provides educational compliance monitoring, investigations, data analytics to detect fraud, and related services. Her firm has conducted more than 140 onsite reviews and dozens of off-site reviews of schools in 23 states. Vander Weele Group monitors services for approximately 20,000 children with disabilities younger than age 3 receiving early intervention services. Vander Weele is the former inspector general of Chicago Public Schools and served as a key member of the system’s 1995 turnaround team. As an education reporter for the Chicago Sun-Times, she authored “Reclaiming Our Schools, the Struggle for Chicago School Reform.” She later served on a special investigatory panel exploring an admissions scandal at the University of Illinois. She has lectured at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, World Bank, Association of Inspectors General, USAID, and in many venues nationwide. She is a specialist in educational investigations, compliance monitoring, data analytics to identify fraud, and topics related to school accountability, waste, fraud, and abuse.