Margaret Honey
President and CEO


  • Media
  • STEM education

Margaret Honey joined the New York Hall of Science as president and CEO in November 2008. Under her leadership, NYSCI has adopted Design-Make-Play as its signature strategy to promote STEM engagement and learning. The defining characteristics of this sensibility – deep involvement with content, experimentation, exploration, problem-solving, collaboration and curiosity – are the ingredients that develop inspired and passionate STEM learners. Honey has directed numerous research projects, including efforts to identify teaching practices and assessments for 21st century skills, new approaches to teaching computational science in high schools, collaborations with PBS, CPB and some of the nation’s largest public television stations, and investigations of data- driven decision-making tools and practices. From her early involvement in the award-winning and ground-breaking public television series “The Voyage of the Mimi” to her decade-long collaboration on the education reform team for the Union City (N.J.) school district, Honey has led some of the country’s most innovative and successful education efforts. She has a doctorate in developmental psychology from Columbia University.