Lucy Gray
Co-Founder and Consultant


  • Private schools
  • Engagement
  • Instructional tools
  • Student-centered education
  • Digital divide
  • STEM education
  • Parent involvement
  • Classroom technology
  • Education technology
  • Social networks
  • Special education and learning disabilities
  • Academic performance
  • Educational standards 
  • PISA
  • Professional development
  • Innovative professional development
  • Teacher development
  • Teacher support
  • Teacher effectiveness

Lucy is currently the Director of Educational Technology at a leading Chicago-area independent school. She is also an experienced consultant and observer of educational innovation, working with a variety of people and institutions on modernizing education. Gray is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter at conferences, and her projects include professional development coaching, virtual conference development, strategic planning for schools, and consultation to companies and non-profits. Her career began in the Chicago Public School system where she taught primary grades and she went on to serve in various capacities related to educational technology at the University of Chicago’s Laboratory Schools, Urban Education Institute and Center for Elementary Mathematics and Science Education. She has received the distinctions of Apple Distinguished Educator and Google Certified Teacher. In 2007, Gray founded the Global Education Collaborative, a 27,000+ member network for educators interested in connections, collaboration, and project-based learning. She expanded on this work by co-founding the Global Education Conference with Steve Hargadon, which has highlighted some of the most innovative educators and thinkers in the global education space.