Lindsay Kruse
Vice President of Understood's Educators Program


  • Achievement gap
  • Principals
  • Back-to-school
  • Behavior
  • Special education and learning disabilities

Lindsay Kruse is the vice president of Understood’s Educator Program where she leads a team focused on ensuring every child has a teacher who is prepared, confident and able to help them thrive in school and beyond. Kruse served as the managing director of the Leverage Leadership Institute for the Relay Graduate School of Education where she helped design and launch a program for top district and school leaders across the country to diversify proof points and create a larger bench of leaders who can develop others to drive strong instruction. Kruse designed and helped launch the National Principals Academy Fellowship for Relay and worked as an independent consultant for a variety of large urban districts, charter networks, and education organizations. She is a graduate of the Broad Residency in Urban Education, a management development program that trains graduates of business, public policy, and law schools for leadership positions in school districts. Lindsay received her bachelor’s degree in communication from Cornell University and a master’s in business administration from Columbia Business School with a concentration in social enterprise.