Linda McSpadden McNeil


  • Curriculum and instruction

Linda McSpadden McNeil is professor of education and the director of the Center for Education at Rice University. A curriculum theorist and analyst of school structure and policy, she is the author of “Contradictions of School Reform: The Educational Costs of Standardization.” Avoidable Losses: High-Stakes Testing and the Dropout Crisis, published in Educational Policy Analysis Archives in January 2008, shows standardized accountability to be complicit in the dropout crisis. McNeil’s research continues her focus on educational equity, democratic schooling and the importance of the public’s schools. She is currently analyzing curricular losses under standardized schooling and the ways the increasing inequities in students’ access to substantive knowledge in schools mirrors the growing gap between wealth and poverty and the de-democratizing effects of globalization and privatization. Her work has over the years cut new ground in connecting the micro-levels of schooling – children and classrooms – to macro-level, systemic social forces. In 2015, Linda McNeil is launching her blog Educating. All Our Children., bringing together research, analysis, advocacy and community on behalf of the public’s schools.