Lillian Durán
Associate Professor, College of Education


  • Student-centered education
  • Achievement gap
  • English language learners
  • Hispanic students
  • Low-income students
  • Minority students
  • Child development
  • Early childhood and preschool
  • Federal policy
  • Race and diversity

Lillian Durán is an expert in bilingual learning and education and dual language learners. At the University of Oregon, she is an associate professor in the College of Education. Lillian studies how to best serve young bilingual children in early education programs. Her research explores the impact on young children of English-only educational policies, the developmental impacts on young children whose families are experiencing high levels of stress because of immigration status and fear of deportation and how to best support young bilingual preschoolers in programs such as Head start. Lillian developed a Spanish early language and literacy screening tool that can be used to identify children in need of more targeted instruction. She can talk about policy issues related to serving minority and immigrant populations, including language policies that affect decisions around language of instruction. She can also speak to early childhood special education and how to serve children who are culturally and linguistically diverse in special education systems.