Lauren Resnick
Founder and Director


  • Cognition and brain development
  • Urban education

Lauren B. Resnick has served as director of the prestigious Learning Research and Development Center and is founder and director of the Institute for Learning, both at the University of Pittsburgh, where she is a distinguished university professor of psychology and cognitive science and of learning sciences and education policy. Educated at Radcliffe College and Harvard University, Resnick has been an overseer of Harvard University and a member of the Smithsonian Council. She has received multiple awards for her research, including the 2007 Award for Distinguished Contributions to Applications of Psychology to Education and Training, and the 1998 E.L. Thorndike Award – both from the American Psychological Association – as well as the 1999 Oeuvre Award from the European Association on Research for Learning and Instruction. She is founder and director of the Institute for Learning, and co-founder of the New Standards Project, which developed performance-based standards and assessments that widely influenced state and school district practice. Resnick is a prolific author and respected editor in addition to serving on many national education boards, commissions and associations.