Kurt Geisinger


  • Assessment
  • English language learners
  • Special education and learning disabilities

Kurt F. Geisinger is director of the Buros Center on Testing and Meierhenry distinguished university professor at the University of Nebraska. Previously, he served as professor/chair of the psychology department at Fordham University and in academic administrative roles. He has been an American Psychological Association delegate/chair of the Joint Committee on Testing Practices, a member of APA’s Committee on Psychological Testing and Assessment, chair of the Graduate Record Examination Board and its Technical Advisory Committee, a member of the SAT Committee, and numerous other ad hoc task forces and panels. He chaired the Research and Development Advisory Committee for the College Board. He edits Applied Measurement in Education, and is or has served on the editorial committees for seven measurement journals. He has edited or co-edited the Psychological Testing of Hispanics, Test Interpretation and Diversity, High Stakes Testing, Tests in Print, the Handbook of Testing and Assessment in Psychology, and the Mental Measurements Yearbooks.