Kim Jones


  • Blended learning
  • Curriculum
  • Digital divide
  • Education technology
  • Instructional tools
  • Personalized learning
  • STEM education
  • Textbooks

Kim Jones is the chairman of the board and CEO of Curriki. Jones is active in driving policy initiatives, evidenced by her testimony before the Congressional Web-based Education Commission. She regularly speaks on the impact of technology in education at influential meetings around the world and is a member of the MIT Open Courseware Industry Advisory Council. Prior to joining Curriki, Jones was an executive with Sun Microsystems for more than 20 years, where she headed up a team committed to providing advanced technologies and services to key constituencies in the public sector. Jones was instrumental in leading the charge to make Curriki a nonprofit, committed to advancing the open source educational resources movement. She has received numerous awards and recognition throughout her career, including the Sun Leadership Award, the prestigious YWCA Award for Women in Business, and in 2006, she was inducted into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame. Jones has an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of California, San Diego.