Kate Walsh


  • Teacher quality

Kate Walsh has served as the president of the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) since 2003, leading work to ensure that every child has equal access to effective teachers. There, Walsh has spearheaded efforts to instill greater transparency and higher standards among those institutions which exert influence and authority over teachers. Notably, she launched the first-ever review and rankings of the nation’s teacher preparation programs. Previously Walsh worked at The Abell Foundation in Baltimore, the Baltimore City Public Schools, and the Core Knowledge Foundation. Among her accomplishments, she started and ran a boarding school located in Kenya, East Africa in order to educate at-risk boys from Baltimore; founded one of the nation’s premier STEM programs, yielding numerous Intel Talent Search winners for Baltimore City; and started the first alternative certification program for teachers in Maryland.  A long-time resident of Baltimore, Walsh has also served on the Maryland State School Board.