Juanita Doyon


  • Public opinion and advocacy

Juanita Doyon is the proud mother of four public school graduates. Doyon holds a bachelor’s degree in business and public administration from the University of Phoenix and a master’s degree in communication and leadership studies from Gonzaga University. She is the author of “Not With Our Kids You Don’t! Ten Strategies to Save Our Schools,” published by Heinemann in 2003, and a contributing author to “Educational Courage: Resisting the Ambush of Public Education,” published by Beacon Press in 2012. Doyon is a college communication professor and has presented workshops at education conferences throughout the nation. In 2004, Doyon ran as a candidate for Washington state superintendent of public instruction, and from 2005 to 2012, she was director of Parent Empowerment Network, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving communication in public education.