Joni Finney

Higher Ed

  • Accountability
  • Federal policy
  • Finance and funding
  • State policy

Joni Finney is a practice professor of higher education and director of the Institute for Research in Higher Education (IRHE) at the University of Pennsylvania. Finney completed a five-state study to understand the relationship between state policies for higher education and state performance in collaboration with her colleague, Laura Perna. The results of this work are found in “The Attainment Agenda,” published in 2014. Since this study, Finney has led similar studies of states. She developed and directed the nation’s first state-by-state report card for higher education, Measuring Up. She was principal author of the 50 state-by-state report cards, Measuring Up 2000-2008, and has also co-authored the books “Public and Private Finance of Higher Education: Shaping Public Policy for the Future,” “Designing State Higher Education Systems for a New Century,” and “Financing American Higher Education in the Era of Globalization.” She recently released a study of higher education affordability in the states.