John Pryor
Principal and Founder

Higher Ed

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John H. Pryor is a higher education professional with over 25 years of experience in using research findings to help improve the college experience. Pryor presents frequently on current trends and innovation in higher education. He has published many articles, monographs, white papers, and opinion pieces in higher education publications, including the Journal of College Student Development and The Chronicle of Higher Education. His TEDxUCLA talk, “How To Make College Better, And Why We Need To,” looks at the need to increase the connection between what is learned inside the classroom and how that is applied outside the classroom. Before founding Pryor Education Insights, Pryor held a senior research scientist position with Gallup, where he led their higher education research. For eight years prior to that, Pryor was the director of the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP), the largest study of higher education in the country, and the managing director of the Higher Education Research Institute at UCLA, where CIRP is housed. Before directing CIRP, Pryor was the director of Student Affairs Planning, Evaluation, and Research at Dartmouth College.