Joel Rose
Co-­Founder and Chief Executive Officer


  • Engagement
  • Instructional tools
  • Math
  • Student-centered education
  • Accountability
  • Blended learning
  • Classroom technology
  • Education technology
  • Personalized learning
  • Assessment

Joel began his career in education as a 5th-grade teacher in Houston in 1992. Since then, Joel has served in a variety of leadership roles in education, including as Chief Executive for Human Capital at the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE), where he led the creation of School of One. Joel’s published articles include pieces in The Atlantic, Education Nation, and EdTech Magazine. He has spoken at numerous convenings, including the Aspen Institute’s Ideas Festival; NBC’s Education Nation; and the annual conferences for the American Federation of Teachers, National School Boards Association, and National Association of Independent Schools. Joel earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Tufts University and a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law, and he is a Pahara-Aspen Education Fellow at the Aspen Institute. Joel lives in Manhattan with his wife and two children.