Janine Jones
Associate Professor of School Psychology


  • African American students
  • Behavior
  • Health and wellness
  • Mental health
  • Minority students
  • Peer relationships

Janine Jones is an associate professor and director of the school psychology program at the University of Washington College of Education. Her research focuses on two primary areas – multiculturalism in the practice of school psychology and providing culturally responsive school-based interventions that focus on socioemotional health in school and clinics. She is currently involved in studies of culturally responsive practices that eliminate opportunity gaps for students of color and cultivating resilience through ethnic identity. Jones is particularly interested in culturally related factors that promote resiliency from mental disorders in African-American children and adolescents. Her work is framed around the belief that providing culturally responsive services and promoting resilience within the cultural context creates the path toward serving the whole child. She has received the National Association of School Psychologists’ Leader of the Year Award.