Isabel Beck
Professor Emerita


  • Reading and literacy

Isabel Beck is professor emerita at the University of Pittsburgh, where she taught courses in reading and language arts. Her research on decoding, vocabulary and comprehension has been published in over 100 journal articles and several books. Beck’s work has been acknowledged with numerous awards, including the Oscar Causey Award for outstanding research from the National Reading Conference, and the William S. Gray Award for career contributions to the field from the International Reading Association. She is a member of the IRA’s Reading Hall of Fame and the recipient of the Contributing Researcher Award from the American Federation of Teachers. Most recently she was elected to the National Academy of Education. She has served on many national boards and commissions, including the National Academy of Education’s Commission that developed “Becoming a Nation of Readers” and the National Panel for Minority Language Children and Youth. Presently, she is engaged in the design and development of an after school reading initiative, Reading Out-of-School Often.