Heather Malin
Senior researcher

  • Arts education
  • Character education
  • Health and wellness
  • High schools
  • Engagement
  • Middle schools
  • Research and methodology
  • Student-centered education

Heather Malin is a senior research scholar and the director of research at the Stanford University Center on Adolescence, where she studies diverse aspects of purpose development. She is the author of the book “Teaching for Purpose” and has published articles in academic journals on youth purpose development, youth civic engagement, and young entrepreneurs. Her career in developmental psychology and education spans over twenty years, during which she was a classroom teacher and art teacher, provided professional development programs for teachers, managed and evaluated education programs, and was an instructor for the Stanford Teacher Education Program (STEP), where she taught art education to pre-service teachers and served as a new teacher mentor. She holds a PhD from Stanford Graduate School of Education and an MA from Teachers College Columbia University.