George Bohrnstedt
Institute Fellow and Senior Vice President for Research Emeritus


  • NAEP
  • School reform

George Bohrnstedt is an institute fellow and senior vice president for research emeritus at AIR. He holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Wisconsin. Trained as a sociologist with correlative emphasis in educational psychology, Bohrnstedt’s expertise includes measurement, statistical methods, education policy and social psychology. Publications include books and journal articles on statistics for social data analyses, methods and research, education evaluation and measurement. Much of Bohrnstedt’s current work involves providing senior level advice on AIR’s projects that support that National Assessment of Education Research (NAEP). In that regard, he chairs the National Center for Education Statistics’ NAEP Validity Studies Panel. He also serves as the principal investigator on AIR’s NAEP State Analysis contract and as senior advisor to AIR’s work on NAEP at AIR’s Education Statistics Support Institute Network (ESSIN).