Gene Bottoms
Senior Vice President


  • Career and technical education
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • High schools
  • Professional development

Gene Bottoms has more than 40 years of experience working on issues of education policy and practice in the public sector. In 1997, he became senior vice president of SREB, and his leadership responsibilities include high schools, middle grades, technology centers and preparing principals to become leaders of curriculum and instruction. Bottoms also directs the work to prepare teachers and school leaders to help students master college and career readiness standards. In 1994 Bottoms was appointed by U.S. Secretary of Education Richard Riley to the National Research Advisory Council, and in 2000, he was appointed to the National Commission on the Senior Year. In September 1995, Bottoms received the Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education.  The award he prizes the most is the Alumni of Distinction Award from the University of Georgia’s Graduate School that he received in 2013. Prior to joining SREB, Bottoms was executive director of the American Vocational Association and also served as director of education improvement for the Georgia Department of Education. Bottoms holds a doctorate and master’s degree in guidance and counseling from the University of Georgia.